Pannon Group

Pannon Csoport Kft.
Address: 2045 Törökbálint, Tópark u. 3.
Phone: +36 70 705 0400

Benefits of affiliation



Each member of the Pannon Group is an owner


Ownership shares

All co-owners have the same ownership share


Voting rights

Each co-owner has the same proportion of voting right


Opportunity for joining

Each co-owner can join the group under the same conditions


Cost of joining

Low level of cost, affordable to everyone!


Keep your independence

Every co-owner can work independently, undertake anything, manages its own trade and business.



Each co-owner is accountable for its own concern, for its own work.


Supplier contracts

Advantageous supply contracts with the same content for each co-owner.


Increase of profitability

Each co-owner has equal opportunity for increasing profitability originating from the commonly achieved results.


Common purchase

There is no compulsory quantity of buying; pre-arranged and preliminarily planned individual sales defines each purchasing process.


Special Pannon purchase

Sequential Pannon trade actions and discounts provided only for Pannon co-owners.


Cost of co-operation

Low cost of co-operation that may be covered even from the excess income from individual actions and discounts.


Professional training & education

We support professioanl trainings, educational activity of suppliers or producers with high importance.


Centralized purchasing strategy

Indepented Supplier Center is operated with a small group of experienced staff supported by suppliers & manufacturers at a low-cost.


Win-win purchasing strategy

An important goal of the management is to achieve success or become winner not at the detriment of others or by using their difficult situation but by ensuring favours for both of them.


Professional organizations

It is important and distinguished mission to support the work of the professional and trade organisations of the construction industry producers.


Nationwide access

The owners of the Pannon Group are all over the country with 126 sales points.


Broadening ownership

The Pannon Group team has been enhanced by 10 new partners to 90 enterprises in 2019


Broadening supplier block

Pannon Group supplier block has been enhanced by 5 new supplier partners to 55 enterprises in 2017.


Centralized acquisition of services

An almost 400 mobile strong Pannon fleet operated in Vodafone network.


Ask for

Advice from 126 sales points and those of 55 supplier partners.

Pannon Group

Pannon Csoport Kft.
Address: 2045 Törökbálint, Tópark u. 3.
Phone: +36 70 705 0400