About Us

More than 20 years have passed since the CEO of a successful Hungarian building material manufacturer cited the following Chinese proverb, as kind of a survival kit, at the year-end meeting of the first material procurement company in Hungary:

“If five sparrows fly in a formation, that’s still not an eagle…"

At first, the audience was puzzled, but over time felt positive about the proverb, and I received good feedback of what I had said at the start-up. I believe that this proverb applies to all companies conducting similar activities around the world, including to PANNON Csoport Kft.

Every market has one that differs positively.

PANNON Csoport Kft has set up its operation, its unique message, and its own approach to cooperation. At the core of performance is a predictable and secure trade with Supplier Partners, the mutual benefit and respect, and a win-win cooperation! These values ensure that both parties can soar.

Five years are not much in the life of a company, but the first 5 years fundamentally determine the company's capabilities, opportunities, and future.

The joint procurement activities of the 39 independent building material vendors have now developed into a collaboration of 110 companies, and the flag of PANNON Csoport Kft flies high at 150 locations in the country! I am proud of our successes, our trading Partners, our team, and, naturally, of my colleagues.

I am most proud of the feedback received from our Suppliers and Manufacturers, included in this publication, which truly reflect our common achievements, values, and cooperation.

I thank all our Partners for our joint successes!

János Hegedüs Founding Owner, Leader Consultant
János Hegedüs