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Remarks on us


Austrotherm Ltd.

László Szecskő - Commercial manager

Austrotherm Ltd. Austrotherm Ltd.

In the year of Pannon’s establishment, Austrotherm concluded a distribution agreement with the new association as one of the first partners. Our business and – we may say - friendly personal relations, if I am not mistaken, started in 2006; but we could go back much longer in case of several partners. The Pannon Group – Austrotherm turnover has continuously developed in the recent years, too, for which we are thankful.

In the forthcoming period, the thickness of the insulation materials will significantly increase owing to the new thermal requirements and so will the volume of our sales. I hope that we will arrive together into this slightly rose-tinted (XPS) future.

Bachl Ltd.

Mónika Gecse - Commercial Director

Bachl Ltd. Bachl Ltd.

We are proud to say that Bachl Ltd. could be present at the crucial moments of the spearing of Pannon. We have been guided by a common goal from the beginning that led our relationship to a level of determinate distribution partner. In a significant moment of this process, the Pannon Purchasing Group was awarded among the first ones by the Bachl-House award. Our constantly growing co-operation is being built on that common basis, year-by-year.

Pápateszéri Téglaipari Ltd.

Csaba Lipták - Commercial and Marketing Director

Pápateszéri Téglaipari Ltd. Pápateszéri Téglaipari Ltd.

Pápateszéri Téglaipari Ltd is a Hungarian-owned brick factory going back to many years. Our products are known under the brand name Bakonytherm. We use modern state-of-the-art technology to produce our bricks, thereby quality is guaranteed. We have a mutually successful business relationship with Pannon Csoport that has been established a number of years ago. Our revenues have increased in recent years with the members of the group, many of which are among the largest traders of Bakonytherm.

BaloBau Ltd.

Attila Baló – Owner

BaloBau Ltd. BaloBau Ltd.

BALOBAU Kft. considers the members of PANONN CSOPORT its priority partners. In view of a mutually beneficial partnership, we do our best to strengthen our business relationship. As a trusted and fair supplier, we are planning for a long-term cooperation. 

Barabás Téglakő Ltd.

Árpád Barabás - Owner of the company

Barabás Téglakő Ltd. Barabás Téglakő Ltd.

As a stable and reliable partner, Pannon Group Ltd. has had an important role in that our company has become known as one of the leading paving-stone producers in Hungary. During the years of our strategic co-operation it has been verified that the two companies can support each other in a competitive market. In the end, the real winners of the co-operation are those who could afford the highest quality Barabas decor stones with the help of the Pannon Group. We are convinced that we can work together for a long time to provide Hungary with roads, pavements, gardens covered by durable and quality-stones, making them patinated and livable. I think that it is our common mission.

Baumit Ltd.

Gábor Illy - Managing director

Baumit Ltd. Baumit Ltd.

Usually, we think about a win-win situation which means that it is the aim of Baumit to provide its closely co-operating partners with chances of finding their own interest in the working business relations. Whenever we strive for a living, constructive co-operation with our partners in which the interest and intentions of the other side should also be considered important then there are no tensions or even they turn into positive energy. We are living in such a pleasant development situationwith the members of the Pannon Group. It is a rarity, a situation to be highly esteemed and we have to work for its preservation.

Bramac Ltd.

Gábor Micheller - Managing director

Bramac Ltd. Bramac Ltd.

Due to the multi-year and successful co-operation of Bramac Ltd. and Pannon Group, there are more and more homes decorated by Bramac roof-tiles.Pannon Group has by now become one of our most important co-operative partners by selling our products. We are proud of the common work accomplished and hope that even more successful years are ahead of us.

Büsscher & Hoffmann Ltd.

Zsolt Böcskei - Managing director

Büsscher & Hoffmann Ltd. Büsscher & Hoffmann Ltd.

The good personal and business relations in the past years resulted in a successful co-operation between Pannon Groupmembers and the Büsscher-Hoffmann company. In the small construct industry segment of standard and special products for water-proofing, the common aims and the co-operative work resulted in a distinguished step forward in the subsistence of both companies. The acquisition of new technologies, the new products and their supply to the buyers may increase the profitable trade of our companies in the future, too.

Charvát Ltd.

János Csaba Csömöri - Managing Director

Charvát Ltd. Charvát Ltd.

Pannon Csoport is one of the prority partners of Charvát Ltd.

Our business relationship goes back for years, and indicates that both companies are open to changes in the construction industry. This fruitful relationship could not be successful without an alignment in our ideas about designated goals and trade. I believe that due to the ongoing innovation at Charvát Ltd, together with the members of Pannon Csoport we can look forward to even more success in the upcoming years.     

FAKRO Hungary Ltd.

László Kovách - Managing Director

FAKRO Hungary Ltd. FAKRO Hungary Ltd.


Our long-term successful operation is based on the cooperation with our distributor partners, this is why we highly value our well-grounded relationship with Pannon Centrum Ltd. We attribute our joint success to the expert professional background, as well as our excellent personal relationships and the flexibility in everyday work.

Frühwald Ltd.

Hannes Holl - Managing Director

Frühwald Ltd. Frühwald Ltd.


Pannon Csoport is important to us because we have established a fair business relationship and successful development with its numerous existing and prospective members. We trust that just as in the past, the group will remain a priority strategic partner for Frühwald Ltd.

Knauf Insulation Ltd.

Tamás Aszódy - Managing director

Knauf Insulation Ltd. Knauf Insulation Ltd.

Beyond the highest level accomplishment of the business and professional expectations, human factor is of utmost importance in the partnership. Those elements cannot be separated in the long run and their common consideration is profitable. The common work with the Pannon Group ensures the co-operation motivated also by the human side and the striving for a win-win end-result thereby supporting the development of the not- too- much- polished Hungarian construction industry culture.

Lasselberger-Knauf Ltd.

Tamás Veit - Managing director

Lasselberger-Knauf Ltd. Lasselberger-Knauf Ltd.

Pannon Group is one of the key partners of Lasselberger-Knauf Ltd. Our co-operation goes back long years as we support each other from the beginning. Emphasizing only one element in the common work, I would say that in working together with Pannon Group it is excellent and eminent that it is considering us as a partner in the building material industry and considers the interests of both of us in all the cases in the short as well as in the long run. It has striven to accomplish our common results in the spirit of mutual satisfaction.

JUB Ltd.

László Fehér - Managing director

JUB Ltd. JUB Ltd.

Our multi-year co-operation with Pannon Group has always been balanced and successful. The positive changes of the recent time indicate that we can enhance our co-operation with the Pannon Group members in several aspects. Opportunites are given and I wish everybody successful common work.

Leier Hungária Ltd.

Andor Komlós - Managing director

Leier Hungária Ltd. Leier Hungária Ltd.

The common work with the Pannon team is tolerant and innovative. We understand the challenges of the market. We may together react to them that both parties may have a feeling of satisfaction. This is very important nowadays Considering the present situation of the Hungarian construction industry, this is very important and a clairvoyant behavior nowadays. This is the way of securing stability.

Mapei Ltd.

Béla Markovich - Managing director

Mapei Ltd. Mapei Ltd.

The co-operation of Mapei Ltd. and Pannon Group goes back to more than 10 years. The relationship of our companies has been fruitful throughout the years thank to the trade policy represented by both of us. We create values in a way that the satisfaction of the requirements of our partners and the builders are in the focus and that fully coincides with the mission of Mapei Ltd. Every day we have been working to support people to create values in the long term by our health- and environment- friendly building solutions which they can enjoy as long as they want to in good health and gladness.

Masterplast Ltd.

László Pécsi - Commercial manager

Masterplast Ltd. Masterplast Ltd.

In the strategy of our company, it is a distinguished important goal to maintain long-term co-operative, successful business relations with the key actors in the domestic building material and trade industry. We are happy to see that Pannon Group Ltd. considers Masterplast Ltd. a supplying contractor partner almost ever since its establishment. The basis of our co-operation is the fair business behavior contributing greatly to the permanent development of our relations. I believe that such a relationship can stay with us for long and Masterplast Ltd. can furthermore contribute to the future results of Pannon Group by its products and services.

Sakret Hungária Ltd.

Róbert Kárász - Commercial manager

Sakret Hungária Ltd. Sakret Hungária Ltd.

The successfulness of the co-operation of our companies is based on the constructive and forward-oriented cast of mind of the two partners. The determination of the goals and the acts aimed at their accomplishment lay down our momentum in the market. There are significant opportunities ahead both of us in the market of the building materials which can be utilized by the openness and mutual activity of the partners as crucial factors. The existence of a positive image of the future helps the long-term co-operation of Sakret and Pannon striving to success.

Schiedel Ltd.

Ferenc Tenk - Managing director

Schiedel Ltd. Schiedel Ltd.

Pannon group is the Hungarian business partner of the sixty-year old Schiedel chimney producer. Our co-operation is five years old and we maintain living business relationship with its building material trade members since decades. Our product has been handled well by the 100 % Hungarian ownedtraders and we supply it to the house builders by common work and good service. The management of the developing Pannon Group continuously enhances its geographical presence, the workers of the new group traders are involved in the trade of Schiedel chimnies.

Semmelrock Stein + Design Ltd.

János Potos - Managing director

Semmelrock Stein + Design Ltd. Semmelrock Stein + Design Ltd.

We got acquainted with Pannon Group as a correct business partner and by working together we are able to increase our sales volume year by year. They have always been open to our innovative products, they can live up to the new opportunities also requested by them regarding our products as well as the fields of our activities. Their pro-active and reliable approach in respect to the business co-operation is exemplary in the domestic fields.

Schuller Eh'klar Ltd.

Tamás Légrády - Commercial manager

Schuller Eh'klar Ltd. Schuller Eh'klar Ltd.

Why is it good to work with Pannon? Three issues I want to emphasize:

  1. The way of thinking of the management that is forward-looking, attractive, ready for compromise and first of all subcontractor-friendly. This creatively influences the whole Pannon Group. It is important for me that such an approach has an inspiring effect on us, too.

  2. The potential of the members. We can enumerate several good examples of the mutual utilization of such a potential within the team.

  3. The precise, quick work of the administrative workers ensuring the stable background of the Pannon Group operation.

SGCPH Ltd. - Rigips divízió

Attila Piros - Managing director

SGCPH Ltd. - Rigips divízió SGCPH Ltd. - Rigips divízió

Pannon Group is an important partner for Rigips as our relationship with the large segment of the members goes back almost to 25 years by now. During that period it became clear that these trade units cannot be bypassed in the building material market as they emphasize the retransmission of the innovations, the systemic way of thinking and the permanent development. The stable functioning and financial situation are a clear value for Rigips on which it could rely and will rely in the future, too.

SGCPH Ltd. - Wéber divízió

László Laukó - Managing director

SGCPH Ltd. - Wéber divízió SGCPH Ltd. - Wéber divízió

The gradual development of Pannon Group resulted in its becoming a determining colorful spot on the map of the Hungarian building material trade. In this process, Weber as a producer of frontal and cold wall-covering systems participates along the mutually elaborated goals from the very beginning. We believe that the high-level service achieved in the co-operation and the value-for-money quality in the long run ensure the interest of the buyers in a multifaceted market.

Sika Hungária Ltd.

Gyula Boros – Commercial Branch Head

Sika Hungária Ltd. Sika Hungária Ltd.


Sika Hungária Ltd has embarked on its journey as a trader later than the others. Partners of Pannon Csoport have been providing us with great help in increasing the publicity for our products, both for implementation and for retail customers. 30% of the partners have entrusted us, and we are increasing our revenues year by year with them. I thank them for their help, look forward to our ongoing successful cooperation, and wish the best to the partners of Pannon Csoport!

Terrán Hungary Ltd.

Attila Gódi - Managing Director

Terrán Hungary Ltd. Terrán Hungary Ltd.


Terrán is one of the leading roof tiling manufacturers in the country. The qualifications, expertise, flexibility and dedication of the members of Pannon Csoport has been indispensable in this success story. We have established a partnership along our joint goals and values that centres around top service to our buyers’ needs. This is one of the guarantees that ensures that thousands of Hungarian families will have their homes protected by enduring, quality Terrán roof tiles.   

Tondach Zrt.

Richárd Havasi - Commercial manager

Tondach Zrt. Tondach Zrt.

Pannon Group is a distinguished partner of Tondach Hungary Ltd. which –due to its continuing innovations – provides such co-operation for its partners, including Tondach, that is the earnest of the common business successes in the long term. It belongs to the groups of conscious companies for which it is important that their supplier contractors are aware of the company strategy and receiveanswers to their questions.

Ursa Zrt.

Csaba Horváth - Commercial manager

Ursa Zrt. Ursa Zrt.

The co-operation between Ursa Zrt and Pannon Group goes back to years. It has been a permanently developing and result-producing relationship that is based on a human partnership rare in our overdriven, sometimes difficult- to- understand world. One of the keystones is that both the core management and the members are professionally committed and stand for the development of the construction industry culture, the trade of the higher-level products which is seen by Ursa as its primary mission. Pannon Group Ltd. surviving in a rejuvenated spirit shall decidedly stand behind the members, may lead them in their decisions, provides market information for them and at the same time has the expectation of the most correct financial discipline and customer orientation from the suppliers and the buyers as an exchange of being a member of the group.

Vas-Fémker Ltd.

Gyula Bérci - Head of Procurement

Vas-Fémker Ltd. Vas-Fémker Ltd.


Our goal is to transform this agreement that was established a few months ago into a long-term cooperation. We await your inquiries and orders for its implementation in the near future. 


Pannon Group

Pannon Csoport Kft.
Address: 2045 Törökbálint, Tópark u. 3.
Phone: +36 70 705 0400